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Gimu - Bandcamp


Gimu An Outburst, A Yell
2021 Musica Insolita
Gimu The Realm of Higher Things
2020 Committee for Sonic Research (The)
Gimu Susurrus
2020 Committee for Sonic Research (The)
Gimu finally free, gravity
2019 Committee for Sonic Research (The)
Gimu In Constant Flux EP
2019 Autoproduction
Gimu A Vida Que Deixei De Ver Nos Seus Olhos
2018 Assembly Field
IRM presents IRMxTP Part XIV - Red Room (The Evil in These Woods)
2018 Autoproduction
Gimu Veiled
2018 Committee for Sonic Research (The)
Gimu aiovit4dn et raren d3tivoi a
2017 Autoproduction
Gimu Senses
2017 Unknown Tone Records
Gimu Gone Again, Haunted Again
2017 Aurora Borealis
Gimu Dad was a Jovian bird ; All goes to darkness, and then​.​.​.
2017 Committee for Sonic Research (The)
Gimu No Longer Fire. Now Marble. Now Cold.
2017 Assembly Field
Gimu Fragmento Sonoro Sussurrado (Ou Homenagem Às Tristes Caixinhas De Som Do Meu Computador No Trabalho)
2016 Autoproduction
Gimu L. Magno A. Bravo Or Weakness, Anxiety And Truth
2016 Autoproduction
Gimu Narwhals
2016 Autoproduction
Gimu Underground Labyrinth (or This Is Not An Album)
2016 Autoproduction
Gimu Tired Lifeless All In
2015 Autoproduction
Gimu The Whole World Is Tired Today
2014 Cosmic Winnetou
Gimu Blissful Haze, Hazy Bliss
2014 Autoproduction
Zoran & Gimu A World Apart
2014 Autoproduction
Gimu Sadly Dying Out Never To Resurface Again
2014 Autoproduction
Gimu Moving Style
2014 Assembly Field
Gimu Countryside Summer Nightmares
2014 Autoproduction
Gimu Can’t Remember When I Started To Forget
2013 Autoproduction
Gimu Mercury Stuck At Freezing
2013 Autoproduction
Gimu When I Sensed Time Collapse EP
2013 Etched Traumas
Gimu Opaque Black
2013 Autoproduction
Gimu ChunDongQiuXia
2012 Autoproduction
Gimu All The Intricacies Of An Imaginary Disease
2012 TOC
Gimu They All Left One By One, They All Left The Radio On
2012 Heart And Soul
Kwajbasket & Gimu Beams
2012 Autoproduction
Gimu Heights And Abysses
2012 Pocket Fields

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