Dntel - Early Works for Me If It Works for You II

CD1 Something Always Goes Wrong

1. In Which Our Hero Begins His Long And Arduous Quest
2. In Which Our Hero Finds A Faithful Sidekick
3. In Which Our Hero Is Put Under A Spell
4. In Which Our Hero Dodges Bullets And Swords
5. In Which Our Hero Frees The Damsel In Distress
6. In Which Our Hero Is Decapitated By The Evil King
7. In Which Our Hero Begins His Long And Arduous Quest (Seq Remix)
8. In Which Our Hero Was Taken By Surprise (Languis Remix)
9. The S.O.S.
10. A Machine And A Memory Keep You Alive

CD2 Early Works For Me If It Works For You

1. Loneliness Is Having No One To Miss
2. High Horses Theme
3. Pliesex Sielking
4. Termites In The Bathtub
5. Fort Instructions
6. Curtains
7. Tybalt 60
8. Danny Loves Experimental Electronics
9. Sky Pointing
10. Casuals
11. Winds Let Me Down Again
12. Jewel States, ?The Door Borders ?

CD3 Early Works For Me If It Works For You II

1. New Name
2. Incomplete 1
3. Paul Guitar
4. Don ?t Try
5. Serious
6. Darker Earlier
7. Smile Break
8. Incomplete 4
9. Moody
10. Slowdance
11. Fancy Ian
12. Jittery
13. Incomplete 2
14. Bluegrass (Short)
15. Mini
16. Laughs
17. The First Day After The Worst
18. Ender

2009 - Plug Research

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7 IRM Breaking News #1 : Witxes, Busdriver, sink \ sink, etc.

Ceci est la nouvelle rubrique régulière d’IRM, regroupant les nouvelles fraîches recueillies par l’équipe du Mag et les membres assidus du Forum Indie Rock. Pour réagir à ce fil news, deux adresses : http://www.indierockforum.com http://www.facebook.com/indierockmag 1. Busdriver (hip-hop baroque) Le Californien Busdriver ressortira cet été en (...)