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The Dirty Sample - Tuesday Nights On Cardero EP - Indie Rock Mag

The Dirty Sample - Tuesday Nights On Cardero EP

1. Buy or Sell (feat. Kaboom Atomic, Tachichi, Chaka Boy & Fatt Matt)
2. Bangar (feat. Chaka Boy, Fatt Matt, Hash Mills & Tachichi)
3. Our Music (feat. Fatt Matt, Chaka Boy & Tachichi)
4. Crow’s Nest (feat. Fatt Matt & Chaka Boy)
5. Catch You Lying (feat. Planit, Fatt Matt, Kaboom Atomic, Chaka Boy, Tachichi & Hash Mills)
6. Fly (feat. Fatt Matt, Tachichi, Lesk One & Kaboom Atomic)
7. Spliff Up (feat. Fatt Matt & Hash Mills)
8. First Dark (feat. Fatt Matt, Chaka Boy, Hash Mills & Tachichi)

2017 - Hand’Solo Records

Sortie le : 16 juin 2017

CD - 17.06.2017 par RabbitInYourHeadlights
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