Chaos Echoes - Mouvement

1. Embodied By Perfidious Curls In The Innervated Flux,
2. As An Embraceable Magma Leading The Subliminal.
3. Surrounded And Amazed By These Unplumbed Abysses Of The Inverted Sea,
4. Through Kaleidoscopic Haze Of Unexpected Extents.
5. Shine On, Obsidian ! Ego ! Ego ! Echo Back To The Yearning Of The Self !
6. Alas ! Here Is The Feebles’ Assent, Exalted By Your Mouth Full Of Flies,

2018 - Nuclear War Now ! Productions

Sortie le : 15 février 2018

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CD - 26.01.2018 par RabbitInYourHeadlights
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