Skanks The Rap Martyr - New Word Order

1. The First Track (feat. Uncle Nick & Tah Murdoc - produced by Scvtterbrvin)
2. Don’t Get Moved On (feat. G-Stats - produced by Kyo Itachi - scratches by Buck Oner)
3. Gone (produced by Astronote)
4. Mispronounced (produced by Crazy Beat S.P)
5. Independent But In A Major Way (produced by Easy Mo Bee - scratches by Venom)
6. Spanish Mower (feat. Shatike, Phenom, Tre Eiht Special & Chez Rocka - produced by Phalo Pantoja)
7. B More Careful (feat. ILL Conscious - produced by Tre Eiht Special)
8. The Man With the Golden Tounge (feat. Forever Chosen - produced by Greeseball Greezi)
9. No Greater Thrill (produced by Frost Gamble)
10. Not Safe (produced by Leks)
11. Combat (feat. Ruste Juxx & P General - produced by U.G)
12. Press Conference in da Hood
13. Proof (feat. Stahhr - produced by Sismograph)
14. Uncle Ruckus (feat. Napoleon da Legend & Stephen James - produced by Frost Gamble)
15. There They Go (produced by Camoflauge Monk)
16. The DJ (feat. Bobby Stone - produced by Endemic Emerald - scratches by DJ Fastcut)

2020 - Autoproduction

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