Marrow - Fission Two

1. Fall (prod. by Wolf City) Voir la vidéo Marrow - Fall
2. Blood on the Leaves feat. Cedric Til (prod. by Marrow, cuts by DJ Halo)
3. Oort Cloud feat. Senbyo (prod. by Senbyo)
4. Twin Tornadoes - Knew Molecules feat. Haez One (prod. by Smear)
5. Murk and Merchandiser feat. Lee Reed (prod. by The Chukchee)
6. The Explorer’s Comorbid feat. Brzowski (prod. by Televangel, cuts by Smear)
7. Horror Groovy feat. MC Homeless (prod. by DJ Kobzar)
8. Difference Engine (prod. by Cave Mammoth, cuts by DJ Halo)
9. Purpose feat. Tree Dusk Muir (prod. by Marrow, cuts by DJ Somnium)
10. Rigamortis Grin feat. Bliss (prod. by Irah Cane)
11. Guillotines feat. Cee Reality (prod. by Cee Reality)
12. No Reserves feat. Dirtnap (prod. by Wolf City, cuts by DJ Halo)
13. Boomslang feat. Wet Jet Seymour (prod. by Wet Jet Seymour)
14. Machu Picchu (prod. by Voider One)
15. Oculus Red feat. Haez One (prod. by Marrow, cuts by DJ Halo)
16. Willow Tree (prod. by Pretty.Ugly)
17. Rigamortis Grin Remix (prod. by Wolf City)

2022 - Autoproduction

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