The Fucked Up Beat - Why I Want To Fuck Ronald Reagan

1. Let’s Make America Great Again
2. Donald Trump’s Hairpiece Escapes From Local Zoo Terrorizing Christmas Shoppers
3. The Ted Cruz Vegan Hippie Gun Club
4. Plans for the Assassination of Brett Zehner & Eddie Palmer
5. Margaret Thatcher Nazi Love Motel Sponsored by
6. The Average American Will Spend 29 Hours A Year Watching Ads On YouTube
7. The Optimum Sex-Death of Ronald Reagan and Which 80’s TV Show Character Are You- Take This Quiz Find Out
8. The Kardashians Join ISIS, A New Reality Tv Show On the NBC Network
9. These 9 Celebrities Haven’t Aged Well, You’ll Never Guess Who They Are
10. The iPhone Cannibals, Promote Your Page Get More Likes
11. We Put 9 Americans In A Room With A Gun, You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next
12. Donald Trump’s Hairpiece Robs Local Bakery, Posts Footage on Twitter
13. Jeb Bush Erotic Fan Fiction Presented by Capital One Bank

2016 - Autoproduction

Sortie le : 13 janvier 2016

CD - 14.01.2016 par RabbitInYourHeadlights
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