$HA HEF - Out The Mud

1. Motorola Musik 3 (Produced by HNIC)
2. Let’s Go (Produced by J Breez)
3. No Choice (Produced by L.S. XXXX)
4. Dope Dealer (Produced by HNIC)
5. Fuck Shit (Produced by Grimm Doza)
6. Honda Civic (Produced by A$AP P On The Boards)
7. Time 4 This [feat. Bodega Bamz] (Produced by A$AP P On The Boards)
8. State Lines (Produced by Doola)
9. Hunnit Klip (Produced by Pierre Bourne)
10. Low Lows (Produced by Doola)
11. Wishing Well (Produced by V Don)
12. Made Me Do [feat. Prodigy] (Produced by V Don)
13. The Wave (Free Max B) (Produced by Doola)
14. Snakes (Produced by Doola)
15. Before The Pen (Produced by Thelonious Martin)
16. Hunger Games [feat. Aston Matthews] (Produced by HNIC)
17. Brazy (Produced by Jeww Baby)

2018 - FXCK RXP

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