Jedi Mind Tricks - The Bridge And The Abyss

1. Al bid-aya [feat. Yes Alexander]
2. San La Muerte
3. Rashindun Caliphate
4. Freshco & Miz
5. When the Body Goes Cold
6. What She Left Behind
7. Death Toll Rising
8. Shed the Skin to Receive the World (Interlude) [feat. Yes Alexander]
9. Certified Dope [feat. Eamon]
10. Hell’s Henchman
11. God Forsaken
12. Legacy of the Prophet [feat. Sean Price]
13. Void Ritual (Interlude) [feat. Yes Alexander]
14. You Have One Devil But Five Angels
15. Marciano’s Reign [feat. Scott Stallone]
16. Torture Chamber [feat. CZARFACE]
17. The Letter Concerning the Intellect
18. Making a Killing [feat. Thea Alana]
19. What Falls Is Fallen (Interlude) [feat. Yes Alexander]

2018 - Enemy Soil

Sortie le : 22 juin 2018

Disques - 22.06.2018 par Riton

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