Darko The Super - There’s a Horse in the Hospital

1. Just Don’t Kill Me (feat. Height Keech)
2. Sneaking Out the Hospital
3. Here Comes the Dark (feat. Spoken Nerd)
4. Greasy September (For the Young Lovers)
5. High 5 (feat. Vritra)
6. People are Weird When You’re a Weirdo (feat. Harvey Cliff MC)
7. Crack Smoking Donkeys from Outer Space (feat. Nosaj from New Kingdom, and Day Tripper)
8. Glass Eyes
9. A Little Piece of Plastic (feat. ialive)
10. That’s a Big Matzah Ball
11. Anyway the Wind Blows
12. A Friendly Game of Horse (feat. Alora Eisen)
13. Mandy (feat. Harvey Cliff MC)
14. A Horse Named Desire (feat. Height Keech)

2020 - U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art

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