Leyland Kirby - Sadly The Future Is No Longer What It Was

CD1 - When We Parted, My Heart Wanted To Die :

1. When We Parted, My Heart Wanted To Die (Friedrichshain Memory)
2. The Sound Of Music Vanishing
3. The Beauty Of The Impending Tragedy Of My Existence
4. And As I Sat Beside You I Felt The Great Sadness That Day
5. Tonight Is The Last Night Of The World
6. To The Place Between The Twilight And The Dawn

CD2 - Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was :

1. When Did Our Dreams And Futures Drift So Far Apart ?
2. Not Even Nostalgia Is As Good As It Used To Be
3. Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was
4. Stay Light, There Is A Rainbow A Coming
5. And Nothing Comes Between The Sadness And The Scream
6. I’ve Hummed This Tune To All The Girls I’ve Known
7. Not As She Is Now But As She Appears In My Dreams

CD - Memories Live Longer Than Dreams :

1. Memories Live Longer Than Dreams
2. Don’t Sleep I Am Not What I Seem, I’m A Very Quiet Storm
3. A Longing To Be Absorbed For A While Into A Different And Beautiful World
4. Days In The Wilderness
5. Stralauer Peninsula
6. We All Won That Day, Sunshine
7. And At Dawn Armed With Glowing Patience, We Will Enter The Cities Of Glory (Stripped)

2009 - History Always Favours The Winners

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2017 dans l'oreillette - 120 albums ambient

Vortex abyssaux ou limbes éthérées à l’image de l’artwork bipolaire que Peter Nejedly nous a gracieusement offert pour cet article, il en sort bien trop de fameux en un an pour que quiconque puisse espérer échapper à la frustration du mélomane obsessionnel, et Elnorton vous en aura fait découvrir bien d’autres tout au long de 2017 via le streaming du (...)

Le streaming du jour #1695 : Leyland Kirby - 'We, So Tired Of All The Darkness In Our Lives'

Troisième véritable long-format de Leyland Kirby sous son véritable patronyme, We, So Tired Of All The Darkness In Our Lives permet au Britannique de poursuivre des expérimentations électroniques aussi stimulantes que transcendantes.