Cumbomb - Capitalism is Pretty Cool

1. Welfare Guy (What A Cool Dude)
2. Fuck Taxes Buy Drugs
3. Your Dads A Banker
4. Economics Are Gay
5. Too Poor To Fuck
6. Capitalism Is Pretty Cool
7. Youre Poor
8. Wank Cheque
9. Eat Money
10. You Robbed A Store For Gum
11. Budget Accountability
12. Big Pharma Guy Likes My Band
13. Steal From The Rich Murder The Poor
14. Just Eat Shit (Stop World Hunger)
15. Third World Aid(s)
16. Gift Full Of Fists
17. Accountants Are Fags
18. Global Economics
19. I Got My Cock Out For Forbes Magazine
20. Beer Is Expensive So Drink Your Piss
21. Your Parents Couldnt Afford A Bike For Xmas So They Gave You HIV
22. Too Many People, Not Enough Seats

2018 - Disposable Culture

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